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 +====== How to post-process a Promethee project with my desktop tools (spreadsheet, R, ...) ? ====== 
 +{{tag>GUI R Input Output FAQ Tips}} 
 +depending on the step of the workflow concerned, here are some possible post-processing features: 
 +  * 2d/3d plots: you can export all data in a copy:paste toward your spreadsheet software, 
 +  * parallel plots (parplot) : you can select any data axis as x, y, or z to plot in a 2d/3d plot, and then export data, 
 +  * in many algorithm, the temporary R data used is stored in **.Rdata** files available in the cases directory. 
 +  * in the final report, all calcualtion points input & output are stored in a .csv file,
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