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On this page, all free parts of Promethee project are available: GUI, server daemon, code and designer plugins. You can also get bundled version of Promethee that you can extend by adding unbundled components.
For integrated professional support, industrial version is available.



  • Promethee GUI installer:
    • download promethee-*-install-*.jar installer file
    • double-click (on Windows), or open with java -jar (on Unix),
    • when information panel about [R] is displayed in the installer, click on the link for your OS, then install R environment,
    • once installation is finished, just use the shortcut on your desktop.
  • Promethee server daemon archive
    • download prometheed-*-install-*.zip file,
    • unzip in chosen installation path,
    • modify the calculator.xml file to put your code command (or script) path,
    • modify the calculator.xml file to put all the IP addresses of GUI users,
    • startup calculator daemon using or prometheed.bat script.

Code plugin

Code plugin Output supported Download
Moret k-effective, perturbated k-effective, kinetic parameters, Kij matrix.
MCNP(X) k-effective, Tallies, Energy tallies, Mesh tallies.
Scale k-effective (mean_keff, sigma_keff from Keno), nuclear data sensitivities (from Tsunami) for somes isotopes (Pu, U, Fe, Ti, C)
Apollo Pij → keff kinf slowing_down M2 B2,
SnKeff → keff kinf slowing_down,
SnNormes → dimension ekeff dkeff_ddimension,
Depletion → Co59 flux
Tripoli k-effective
Tripoli-ext k-effective, scores (including batch and energy/geometry wise)
Vesta Time sampling, burn material per Zamid
Darwin Burnup, compositions.
Serpent Criticality (k-effectives) and burn-up (burnup energy activity decay actinide fission_product) data
Dragon criticality and burn-up data
Cathare returns all FORT07 output described in *g files
Flica returns RFTC
CFX using CFX .ccl input files, returns all MONITOR POINTS data (per time)
General purpose
R output expressions cat(“z =”,…
Scilab output expressions disp(“z =”,…


To activate it in an existing Promethee front-end installation:
  • put the .ioplugin or .ioplugin.jar file inside the Promethee installation path, in plugins/io directory
    Note: or just unzip the plugin archive in Promethee installation directory
  • restart the graphical front-end.
To activate a code plugin in a running Promethee back-end instance:
  • put the .cplugin.jar (if available) file inside the Promethee installation path, in plugins/calc directory,
    Note: or just unzip the plugin archive within Promethee installation path
  • update the calculator XML file (as described in previous chapter): add
    <CODE name="CODENAME" cplugin="file:./plugins/calc/CODENAME.cplugin.jar" command="/PATH/TO/CODE/SCRIPT" />
    line (replacing CODENAME) in the Promethee installation path, calculator.xml file, inside <calculator> tag,
  • wait 5 seconds for automatic update of configuration.

Algorithm plugin

Algorithm plugin Engineering issue supported Download
Space filling design
FactorialFactorial space filling design.
StraussStrauss space filling design.
FaureFaure space filling design.
LHSLatin hypercube space filling design.
Sensitivity analysis
FASTFAST sensitivity analysis.
Morris ScreeningMorris screening analysis.
SRCSRC sensitivity analysis.
PCCPCC sensitivity analysis.
Uncertainties propagation
Random samplingRandom sampling.
Random sampling with statistic TargetRandom sampling as long as precision target is not reached (using bootstrap estimator).
Wilks formulaWilks random sampling for estimation of upper/lower bounds of sample.
DichotomyDichotomy 1-D zero search.
EGIEfficient Global inversion.
GradientDescentGradient descent optimizer.
OptimGeneral-purpose optimization based on Nelder–Mead, quasi-Newton and conjugate-gradient algorithms.
EGOEfficient Global optimizer.
CMAESCovariance Matrix Adapting Evolutionary Strategy optimizer.
SUNSETSUNSET (Sensitivity and UNcertainty Statistical Evaluation Tool) wrapper.


  • User/GUI side:
    • copy .jar (and if needed .zip and .tar.gz) file in Promethee intallation directory, inside plugins/doe directory,
    • restart Promethee GUI.
  • Server side: nothing to do.

Promethee Windows Grid

This component is dedicated to Windows computer running Linux code, in an emulation-like way.


  1. install Promethee in C:\Program Files\Promethee
  2. install (untar in C:\Program Files\) your Linux code binaries and scripts
  3. download coLinux installer ( SourceForge link)
  4. download PWinG installer
  5. proceed with PWinG installation from the same directory that coLinux installer (if .jar file is not view as executable, type java -jar PWing-*.jar)
1) just need to have R and scilab in PATH environment variable
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