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Administration & deployment guide

User interface (front-end) side components

Overview of Promethee environment

The following diagram describes a typical Promethee project workflow. The main software components are presented and their integration in the project sequence is displayed.

User Interface front-end >

Math. engine >

Computing back-end >


The following software components are required to be installed before Promethee components. It is also recommended to provide a recent enough hardware configuration for the end user desktop computer (say CPU > 1.5 GHz, RAM > 512 MB).

Java (Runtime Environement)



Typical deployment configurations

The following deployment configurations are often used and acclaimed by many Promethee users.

Network computing environment deployment

Small office environment deployment

Standalone installation


What is the target usage of Promethee workbench ?

Is Promethee environment intended to replace a standard grid (HPC) system ?

What do you mean by "algorithm" ?

In what sense Promethee is "free" ?

What are the limitations of the "free" version ?

What are the alternative software of Promethee ?

How can I quickly deploy a testable Promethee workbench (e.g. for evaluation purpose) ?

Why a computing grid in a desktop office environment ?

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